International collaborations

Biblissima's Scientific Advisory Board

Biblissima's Scientific Advisory Board, a Digital Humanities "think tank", brings together experts from Europe and abroad (University of Stanford) and is a first step in expanding the project's network internationally.

The IIIF Initiative for Image Interoperability

Biblissima is an active participant in the IIIF international initiative (International Image Interoperability Framework), led by Stanford University. An increasing number of scientific and cultural heritage institutions around the world are joining this initiative (universities, national and other major libraries, national and international projects, etc. — see The Biblissima Team is involved in the working groups that are drawing up the IIIF specifications (API) and is also coordinating the technical implementation of these standards at Biblissima's partner institutions, as part of the Observatory's work on image repositories.

For further information on IIIF, see the introduction on Biblissima's documentation website (in French) or visit the IIIF website.

The DARIAH European Network

In 2015, Biblissima will contribute several of its projects to the DARIAH European Network (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities):